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VLAND's Services


VLAND’S Best Hub provides an opportunity for intensive field-based learning thorough internship programs that actively engages students in learning process and develop the capacity to reflect on the work and make active use of supervision and other feedback. Ideally, the experience serves to develop the best of each student's professional capacity and catalyzes a lifelong investment in the values, goals and skills of the industry.

The Program Aims Students:
  • to develop the ability to work collaboratively with other professionals.
  • to develop a growing awareness of self with clients, staff, and larger systems, in relation to Engineering practice.
  • to develop an understanding of the organizational structure and those factors that impact the provision of service to clients.


VLAND BEST HUB involves in Placement Assistance as a value-added service. With a high quality network of employers , we aim to provide best opportunities for our Students.