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Our PLC training courses offer an outstanding balance of relevant theory blended with extensive practical content. The specific learning outcomes are derived from your particular requirements guided by our specialised know-how.


  • Relating to utilised PLC automation technology at their workplace.
  • Demonstrating safe practices with the handling & installation of PLC system components.
  • Relating to change management requirements of the system.
  • Appreciating the selection and application of both digital and analogue I/O systems connected to PLCs.
  • Correctly installing, replacing and configuring PLC hardware.
  • Understanding the fundamentals of serial based data communications.
  • Transferring programs to and from a PLC system.
  • Understanding essential PLC/HMI integration concepts.
  • Learning the application programming environment and languages used at their site of operations.
  • Becoming familiar with variables and the addressing concepts of specific PLC systems.
  • Troubleshooting communications associated with the PLC system.
  • HMI SCADA Training

    Our HMI (Human Machine Interface) training courses go hand in hand with the PLC training. The training can be based on popular hardware platforms or be based on the popular SCADA HMI platforms such as Wonder ware & Delta, etc. We can even capture screens from your system to base the workshop on.


  • Appreciating the components of a HMI SCADA system
  • Correctly installing, configuring & modifying HMI SCADA hardware/software.
  • Understanding PLC/HMI integration concepts.
  • Transferring programs to and from a HMI system (Panel or Software).
  • Demonstrating a logical approach to troubleshooting HMI connectivity.
  • Understanding the importance of simulation present in the system.
  • Gaining practical experience configuring HMI operator panels.
  • Reviewing available technologies for design, operation and maintenance of HMI SCADA systems.
  • Using application software to install, commission and monitoring systems.